Developed by project management professionals, the PMzone solutions provide all the knowledge and tools required by both experienced and occasional project managers. Whether a project has just landed on your desk, or managing projects is your full-time job, we're happy to help you hone your skills through courses and games that offer practical tools to help you master project management.

Hamutal Weisz

Hamutal Weisz is a firm believer that project managers need to be stringent planners who adhere to strict deadlines and budgets, as well as free-flowing hippies who know how to dance around a problem and have enough flexibility of thought to solve things on the go. She says "the nature of a plan is to change; the nature of a project is to challenge us. In order to face those challenges and be the person who can lead a project to its successful conclusion, you need to be cool headed.” Experience helps a lot too. Hamutal herself is a vastly-experienced project manager who has managed multi-million-dollar IT and product development projects for different organizations around the world. She is a senior lecturer and consultant in project management, but mostly she's a serial entrepreneur and owner and partner of various international companies and initiatives spanning a wide range of activities.

Daniel Zitter

Daniel Zitter loves project management, and he's happy to tell anyone who will listen. He appreciates the complexities of managing a project. He enjoys discussing it with others and teaching the methodologies, thought processes and how to deal with the questions and challenges that are sure to arise. And he's happy to share his knowledge and experience with clients, friends and acquaintances – because he believes deeply in what he does, how he does it and that doing it right makes a huge difference to the outcome. Daniel is an experienced and certified project manager. He is a licensed industrial engineer and holds a Project Management Practitioner Certification "In Good Standing" from the Project Management Institute (PMI). He is also an accredited PMO – Certified Consultant, of the PMO Global Alliance, and was a member of the Jugging Committee for the 2019 PMO global awards competition.

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