When a project lands on your desk, you can either hold your breath, cross your fingers and hope for the best, or you can get the tools you need to ensure a successful outcome.

Projects, big or small, tend to have an evasive quality to them. Budget, schedule, content and even goals may change form over time, posing a significant risk to the successful completion of the project. As project managers, we must take all this into account as we manage the project in a way that ensures optimal results.

Being a Project Manager’ is a unique training program for both occasional and experienced project managers which includes a book, online course and professional workshops delivered by our experts. Focusing on the principles and practices of project management, the program does not prescribe a specific methodology, nor does it offer complex explanations on how to manage projects. Rather, it lays out a clear path, explaining how to be an effective project manager in any type of project, and any area of expertise.

Through this program, we will discuss the building blocks of the profession – planning, control and communication – and provide you with a range of simple tools that can be easily implemented and immediately used to improve your results.

Unlock your project management success!

An all-encompassing 5.5-hour course, delivered through short, fun videos that explain the basic principles of project management and provide the practical tools and techniques necessary for managing any type of project.

The Book

The must-have tool for anyone managing a project of any scope, in any field of expertise, and any discipline.

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