The largest set of ready-to-use digital tools available to project managers, these practical templates accompany every stages of effective project management. The templates can be downloaded by filling your name and email and clicking the purple button at the bottom of this page, and can be put into immediate use in any project.

This unique toolset also accompanies our book, Being a Project Manager, a must-have tool for anyone managing a project. The book references the relevant tools as it focuses on the principles and practices of managing a project, providing detailed project management checklists at the end to ensure that the right tools have been put in place and all the necessary steps have been taken.

These tools are based on years of experience and have been designed to provide the reader with a convenient way to perform the various project management tasks. Most of the tools were developed using Word, PowerPoint and Excel, but some require MS-Project, one of the world’s most popular project management tools.

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  • The Project Compass Document including:
    • Requirements and Priorities List
    • Stakeholder Interest and Influence Map
    • Project Life Cycle Table
    • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Budget Estimates
    • Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS)
    • Roles and Responsibility Matrix
    • Project Communication Plan
    • Gantt Chart in Excel
    • Preliminary Risks List
  • Project Approval Presentation
  • Project Kick-off Presentation
  • Project Work Plan (with special indicators)
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Risk Contingency Plan
  • Project Baseline Approval Presentation
  • Project Manager’s Board
  • Project Log
  • Give & Get Report
  • Milestone Trend Analysis Report
  • Project Deliverables Report
  • Change Management Log
  • Change Request Review Form
  • Project Goals Presentation
  • After Action Review Form
  • Lessons Learned Report
  • Periodic Status Report
  • Periodic Status Report Presentation
  • Meeting Minutes Report
  • Project Summary Presentation
  • Upcoming Tasks by Priority

Not sure how to use these tools? Buy the book and get cooking!