The PMzone simulation board game workshop is a game-based seminar that provides experienced and occasional project managers and their team members with a deeper understanding of the fundamental concepts and main challenges of project management, through an enjoyable, hands-on experience.

During the game, players will need to add value to their project, plan their way forward, perform both known and unknown tasks, deal with constraints, manage risks, operate within a defined budget and resource constraints, consider the bigger picture, be in control of the details, think creatively, compete and cooperate with other players, manage uncertainty, and remain on target. The challenges and dilemmas player will confront during the game, will allow them to develop new perspectives and improve their decision-making skills, helping them tackle their real-life projects. At the end of the game, a group discussion will be held, allowing the players to hone in on the main issues that arose during the game and understand their implications on the everyday challenges associated with managing a project. The discussion will further address the manner in which the project goals influenced the players’ strategy, the need for advance planning, the uncertainty inherent in any project, and the project manager’s leading role in the success of a project.

Workshop Objectives

Workshop Guidelines


Experienced and occasional project managers, project team members and anyone involved in a project in any way.

Number of players

4-7 players per board game. Multiple games can be played simultaneously, including up to 28 players in a workshop.

Workshop duration and format

3-4 hours per session. Sessions are guided and include a game round and post-game discussion. Multiple sessions are highly recommended.


A room with one table per game board, seating 4-7 players per table; a projector; a board for instructions and concluding discussion; notepads and pens for every player.


The workshop can either be conducted by a PMzone expert, or an experienced project manager or PMO who has self-trained using the kit.


Before the workshop, customized playing sheets can be created based on projects relevant to the organization.

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