An all-encompassing 5.5-hour course, delivered through short, fun videos that explain the basic principles of project management and provide the practical tools and techniques necessary for managing any type of project. Including the Book and the Project Compass Planning Notebook!

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Being a Project Manager Online Course + Book + Planning Notebook

At a glance

Based on the book “Being a Project Manager – A Different Book on Project Management“, this easy-to-follow online course explains the basic principles of project management and provides practical tools and techniques necessary for managing any type of project. The course clearly lays out the path for project managers by walking them through the core elements of the profession – planning, control and communication, and goes on to provide clear and simple project management tools that are easy to implement and make a world of difference when taking on a new project.

So, if a new project has landed on your desk and you’re wondering how you’ll be able to manage it successfully, start the course today. You can be sure it will be time well spent; time in which you’ll learn everything you need, and only what you need, to tackle your next project.

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Original price was: €299.00.Current price is: €199.00.

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Course guidelines

Course duration

37 lectures, a total of 5.5 hours of on-demand video.


When you complete the course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

No pre-requisites

You don’t have to know anything about project management in order to take this course.

Any project

This course is for anyone required to manage any sort of project, of any scope, in any field of expertise, and any discipline.

Any background

This course is for marketing, sales, human resource, training, operations, logistics and manufacturing managers; it is for business owners, trained professional project managers, project team members, even project clients; it is for anyone involved in managing any project.

What people have to say

Course overview


The beginning (overview of project management)

What is a Project?
The Golden Triangle and Triple Constraints
The Infamous Triangle and the Truth Behind it
The Primary Paradox of Project Management
What is a Successful Project?
Who is a Project Manager?


The project compass (initial planning)

Initial Planning Overview
Project Necessity and Feasibility
Project Goals and Objectives
Critical Success Factors
Project Stakeholders, Key Players and Affected Parties
Working Assumptions and Constraints
Project Life Cycle, Milestones and Deliverables
Developing a WBS and Rough Estimates
Creating a General Work Plan
Preliminary Risk Identification
Launching the Project
Initial Planning Summary


It's all in the details (detailed planning)

Detailed Planning Overview
Breaking Down Work into Tasks
Task Dependencies and Constraints
Resources, Roles and Responsibilities
Duration and Effort Estimation
Detailed Risk Planning
Detailed Planning Summary


You have reached your destination! (project control)

Why is Control Sooooo Important?
Ongoing Control Procedures
Periodic Control Procedures
Special Control Procedures
Control Summary


Who said what to whom? (project communication)

Why is Communication Sooooo Important?
Formal Communication
Informal Communication
Communication Summary


Course summary

Summary and Conclusions
The Project Compass Document

Get the course with the book and the compass planning notebook as a bundle with this course!

Original price was: €299.00.Current price is: €199.00.

Including Shipping!