Project Management Remote Workshop
Mastering the Art of Project Management

In an era defined by rapid technological advancements and evolving market landscapes, the importance of adept project management cannot be overstated. As businesses strive for agility and efficiency in executing projects, there arises a pressing need for accessible, targeted learning solutions that cater to the diverse needs of professionals across various industries. To address this need, we offer a series of stand-alone, small learning units (SLUs) in project management.

These bite-sized, modular learning modules aim to provide flexible and modular education, equipping learners with practical skills and knowledge essential for navigating the complexities of modern project management effectively. Each SLU is up to 120 minutes long, delivered remotely, and can accommodate up to 14 participants per session.

Workshop Sessions

Projects are inherently uncertain due to their unique nature, making the initial phase—the point of lowest certainty—crucial for decision-making. This session explores the challenges of this paradox and delves into the universal foundations of successful project management: Planning, Controlling, and Communication.

This session defines the multifaceted role of a Project Manager, highlighting the blend of leadership, organization, and diplomacy required. Participants will learn about the skills needed to lead a project and the subjective and normative perceptions of the role.

Project managers often lead without formal authority. This session provides tools for influencing and motivating teams, reconciling professional effectiveness with maintaining good relationships, and dealing with challenging communication situations.

Learn how to develop a project lifecycle table that outlines the project’s scope, stages, milestones, and deliverables. This session focuses on high-level planning and its importance in guiding detailed project plans.

Detailed project planning is crucial for understanding tasks, dependencies, and constraints. This session teaches participants how to break down a project’s scope into manageable tasks, estimate durations, and develop a comprehensive work plan.

Personal effectiveness and time management are key to project success. This session introduces participants to techniques for managing time, identifying time thieves, and applying GTD (Getting Things Done) principles for better self-management.

Identifying potential risks early is essential for mitigating negative impacts. This session covers systematic risk identification and evaluation, helping participants develop effective risk management strategies.

This session focuses on creating a Risk Management Plan, which provides reliable information on potential risks and strategies to manage them. Participants will learn to estimate risks and develop appropriate response strategies.

Effective risk control involves ongoing identification and monitoring. This session covers best practices for controlling and communicating risks, ensuring that project stakeholders are kept informed and motivated to respond to potential issues.

Project control ensures that plans are followed and objectives remain in sight. This session teaches participants how to develop and implement a control system to identify and address gaps between plans and execution.

Effective communication is crucial for project success. This session covers strategies for organizing and disseminating information to stakeholders, emphasizing the importance of both formal and informal communication channels.

Interactive Online Learning Platform

Our workshops are conducted face-to-face remotely using an interactive online learning platform such as Mural. This ensures a dynamic and engaging learning experience, allowing participants to interact, collaborate, and apply their knowledge in real-time.

Meet Our Experts

Noa Shemesh

Noa brings over 18 years of dynamic experience as an engineer in the high-tech software industry. She has advanced from a junior project manager to VP of Delivery and Customer Success. Throughout her career, she has successfully managed large-scale projects, cross-organizational programs, and advanced technological products. Noa has also overseen R&D and Product Design units, leading teams of dozens of employees. In addition to her industry roles, Noa teaches academic courses, leads professional workshops, lectures, and hosts conferences.

Guy Ben-David

Guy is the CEO and founder of Skills, as well as a lecturer and independent researcher in management and leadership. With 18 years of experience, he has been a lecturer in leadership development programs both in Israel and internationally. He holds a degree in software engineering from Tel Aviv University. Guy was formerly a senior instructor at the Israeli Center for Management and has trained managers in leading organizations and high-tech companies across Israel. "Leadership development is a combination of science and art. I believe that a significant change process arises from an approach that blends purposeful and practical strategies with awareness, attention, and an integrative vision."

Hamutal Weisz

Hamutal is a highly seasoned project manager with over 30 years of experience in leading multi-million-dollar IT and product development projects for various organizations worldwide. Her expertise spans across diverse industries, where she has consistently delivered successful outcomes in complex, high-stakes environments. In addition to her extensive project management experience, Hamutal is a respected senior lecturer and consultant. She specializes in the gamification of training, utilizing innovative approaches to make project management education more engaging and effective. Her workshops and seminars are renowned for their practical insights and interactive methodologies, empowering professionals to excel in their roles.

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