A smart board game-based workshop for learning how to manage a project using Agile methodology. Participants in the game – experienced or new project managers and project team members, will learn the language, principles, roles, rituals, tools and concepts behind the Agile Scrum and Agile Kanban methodologies, in a fun, innovative and unique way.

During the game, participants will need to complete a collaborative project detailed through a centralized backlog and divided between different product owners and Scrum teams. Each team will need to plan and complete their share of the backlog, considering the value to the customer and in accordance with time and budget constraints. On the Kanban board of the game, the teams will consider their outputs and work to clear tickets from the backlog.
At the end of the game, a discussion will be held, allowing participants to refine the key points raised during the game, and their connection to real-life challenges. The differences between the Agile methodologies and the classic approaches to project management will also be discussed, as well as the application of the different approaches to different projects.

Workshop Objectives

Workshop Guidelines


Project managers and project team members who work in Agile or are about to begin using the Agile project management methodologies.

Number of players

3-5 players per board game. Multiple games can be played simultaneously, with up to 25 players in a workshop.

Workshop duration and format

3 hours per session. Sessions are guided and include a few game rounds and post-game discussion. Multiple sessions are highly recommended.


A room with one table per game board, seating 5 players per table; a projector; a board for instructions and concluding discussion; notepads and pens for every player.


Before the workshop, customized playing backlogs can be created based on projects relevant to the organization.

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