The unique Project Compass Planning Notebook is a must-have tool to get your project rolling. In it you will define the objectives of the project, identify its stakeholders and the inherent benefits for them, develop the project life cycle, deliverables and milestones, plan the resources required to execute the project and the risks that may arise during its execution, and more.

A combination of meticulous graphic design and creative copywriting will make planning your upcoming project a pleasure.


The Project Compass Planning Notebook

At a glance

All of us, without exception, occasionally find ourselves managing small, medium and even large projects. Think of the last event you planned, or your last vacation. Remember the new product you developed, the business you established, the movie you filmed, or the book you wrote. Think about all the goals you achieved and the complex tasks you completed along the way. These are all examples of the professional and personal projects that each of us is required to manage.

Each project, large or small, requires a clear definition of goals and objectives, and a clear path to achieving them. Planning the project requires a “Project Compass” to define the objectives of the project, its stakeholders and the inherent benefits for them, the project life cycle, the project’s outcomes and milestones, the resources required to execute the project, the risks that threaten during its execution, and more.

The digital era in which we live gives us access to software and applications that help us plan our day, save time, keep in touch with our relatives, etc. As project managers, we make extensive use of advanced digital tools, both at work and in our personal lives. However, during the initial planning of the project, we recommend that you take a step back and use the tried and true tools: a blank page and a pencil. The contact with the paper – together with the intuitive ability to sketch, write and rewrite everything that comes to mind – provides the freedom necessary for creative and intelligent planning.

So, start your project right: sharpen your pencil and fill out your booklet step by step, until approval of the project and beyond…

What is included in the project compass?

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