What's Your Project?

Developing a product is a project.

Master it.

Designing an app. is a project.

Master it.

Preparing for a trade show is a project.

Master it.

Being Different

‘Being a Project Manager’ is a unique endeavor in the realm of project management that focuses on being a better project manager.

Project Management rests on three distinct pillars: planning, control and communication. These are the building blocks of the profession, and every single project, regardless of type of industry or specialization, depends on them.

All projects pose ongoing challenges. This is the case not only in our professional lives, but in our private lives, too. We are often required to manage all sorts of projects—small ones as well as large ones. Most of these projects tend to deviate—sometimes significantly so—from the planned budget, schedule, content and even goals. Some are canceled before bearing fruit; others simply fail outright.

So if you’re looking for a different approach to improving your project management skills, you’ve come to the right place!

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Latest Posts

Dependencies Between Tasks

After the project has been broken down into appropriate level tasks in the work plan, any dependencies between various tasks must be determined and defined. As part of this process it is important to examine whether any task is dependent on any other task, and if so, how. People often go astray here and create unnecessary and strange connections between…

Project Milestones

Along with compiling a detailed list of project tasks, it is necessary to identify and define the various milestones that will help track the project’s progress at the control stage and help ensure communication between the various people involved in the project. Milestones were originally stones placed at constant distance from one another along a road, serving as measurement of…

Project Stakeholders

The main stakeholder in any project is the client. The client is the one whose needs are the driving force behind the project and is likely to be the one who will derive the most benefit from the project upon its completion. Differentiation must be made between the paying clients and the clients who are the ultimate end users of…


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