Controlling Central Issues Impacting the Project

Micro Learning Unit

Every project encounters several central issues that could affect its progress and goals significantly—either positively or negatively. In a well-managed project, there should be very few such issues (between three and five).

The issues most likely to affect the project significantly are at the heart of this type of control. This is why the findings of this control are meant for the highest managerial levels of the organization. Management must then evaluate the information and respond accordingly.

The Pareto Principle states that 20% of the factors lead to 80% of the results. So as part of this control process, that 20% of issues that are most important must be identified—those issues that will either be a significant impediment or a significant boost to the success of the project. These issues must be analyzed so that the root of their impact on the project is understood. Once this is done, these issues should be emphasized.

Correct identification, analysis and focus on these issues will guarantee that resources are effectively utilized throughout the project, increasing the likelihood that the project will succeed.