Evaluating Priorities

Micro Learning Unit

The priorities of the tasks in the project are not necessarily static throughout the entire project. Therefore, the original priorities must be evaluated periodically and updated as needed.

It is inadvisable to wait until the client reports a change, since by that point project resources might have been invested inadvertently in low priority goals, which may lead to progress on less important tasks instead of on those that are truly important for the project, and as such to the client.

Investing project resources in tasks that are not a high priority may lead to progress in less important tasks, rather than moving forward in tasks that are really important to the client and the project.

Early detection of a change in the priority of tasks in the project, both for the client and the project team, and focus on high priority tasks, will ensure accurate management of the project when managerial and professional attention is calculated and not just “serial” (in chronological order of tasks).