Flattening Control

Micro Learning Unit

It is known that the larger a project, the greater the chance that it will fail. Excessive content that is not really necessary does not contribute to their success.

The temptation to do a lot and sometimes even too much, stems from the pressure to develop newer, faster, bigger, more powerful, more impressive and better products and services, especially in the face of competition. Sometimes, this is due to management that is not determined enough and not focused on the goal.

A good project manager does not only focus on completing the project according to the golden triangle – scope, schedule and resources, but on the value that the project will bring to its client. A good project manager knows that sometimes what is right for the project and client is to do less intentionally, and thus achieve more.

In large or complex projects, it is better to make concessions to the content of the project proactively – before pressure is created that requires it. To do this, it is recommended to perform from time to time a control aimed at flattening the content of the project, thus avoiding wasting time, wasting resources and over-exerting content that does not create real value. Of course, the flattening of the contents should be done in full coordination with the customer and with his consent.

The contents taken out of the project must be documented so that they can be restored and applied in the future, as needed.