Project Team Structure

Micro Learning Unit

Human resources in the project should be described in a formal structure that defines, first and foremost, formal communication channels within the project. In order to do that, a ‘Resource Breakdown Structure’ (‘RBS’) must be created, in which the human resources needed for the project are defined along with their subordination relations to the project manager. This is, in fact, the formal structure of the project team, which plays a significant role in their communication. Therefore, this structure must be considered carefully and a structure designed that will be efficient and suitable to the project at hand.

For example: Project Team RBS for a project of publishing content on the internet

The right balance must be found between a wide but flat hierarchy, which could make managing the project difficult due to the project manager’s large number of direct subordinates, and a deep vertical hierarchy, which could lead to communication failure due to overly formal and complicated communication channels.