Project Resources

Micro Learning Unit

After identifying the connections and constraints in the project, we must identify and define the resources needed for its execution. There are different kinds of resources, which can be divided into four main groups: people, materials, equipment or places, and money.

To begin with, the project’s resources can be defined generically: “electrical engineer” or “seminar room”. Later on, these descriptions should be more specific: “John Smith” or “Maple Seminar Room”. In order to determine what generic resources are needed for the completion of each work package, the work package should be defined as clearly as possible, then professional or manager with relevant experience in executing the same task should estimate the type and quantity of resources needed. These estimates should be compared to the rough estimates generated in the preliminary planning stage. It is entirely possible, even at this early stage, that there will be a budgetary gap between the two. This gap should be dealt with before completing the work plan and before requesting project approval.

Early identification of all resources necessary to complete the project—including rooms for significant tasks (integration rooms, training rooms, etc.), materials or technical equipment needed at various project stages—is essential both for preparing a more accurate budget and for planning the project’s tasks based on resource availability. These small details are generally neglected, ultimately causing delays in the project’s timetable and deviation from its budget. It is, therefore, very important to make an effort to identify them at this stage.