Project Kickoff

Micro Learning Unit

After the project is approved, its kick off should be announced to main stakeholders and any other authorities or parties involved in it.

This meeting has several purposes:

  • to initiate and ensure positive project communications
  • to generate awareness of the changes that will come about as part of the project
  • to engender a commitment towards the project
  • to prevent a swirl of rumors from developing around the project
  • to help lower any anxiety the project might provoke in the relevant community.

In order to accomplish this, all those concerned should be provided with all the main facts regarding this project that is about to commence, including any expected influences, uses and benefits. The client’s representative and project manager present the project in a professional yet festive tone. They should project positive expectations towards accomplishing the project’s goals and an unwavering commitment toward it.

This meeting must be planned meticulously, since it is effectively the formal beginning point of the project. A positive kick off meeting ensures that the project takes off on the right foot.

The presentation should address these issues: