Benefits Management

Micro Learning Unit

A project is an “instrument” for creating change and achieving goals, which we want to preserve over time.

Benefit is a positive change that can be measured and as such, it must be maintained in our managerial and professional focus throughout the project, to ensure that the project will indeed yield them at the end.

To this end, it is important that the project’s benefits for each stakeholder would be defined right from the start. Since tangible benefits (WIIFM – What’s in it for me) form the strongest motivational basis, it is useful to present these benefits explicitly to each stakeholder rather than rely on their finding out indirectly.
A simple and effective way to present stakeholders with the benefits for them is through a simple table where each stakeholder can find themselves. Only two columns – the name of the stakeholder or position in the first column, and the benefits for him in the second column.

Of course these benefits are derived from the goals of the project but the personal appeal to each stakeholder is extremely important to get their buy-in.

StakeholderBenefit to the Stakeholder
The CustomerA tangible benefit from the project