The PMZONE Simulation Board Game Workshop

The PMZONE Simulation Board Game Workshop is a game-based workshop aimed to develop a deeper understanding of the fundamental concepts of project management and its main challenges, in a unique, fun, innovative way.

The game participants – experienced or beginning project managers and project team members, will grapple with common dilemmas from a project manager’s world, through which they will develop new perspectives that will help them improve the way they deal with similar dilemmas in real life.

During the game, participants need to add value to their project, plan their way forward, perform both known and unknown tasks, deal with constraints, manage risks, operate within budget and resource constraints, understand the big picture, be in control of the details, think creatively, compete with other players but also cooperate with them, act under conditions of uncertainty, and remain on target.

At the end of the game, we will discuss and hone in on the key points that emerged during the game, and understand their connection to real world challenges. We will understand how the project goals influenced each player’s gameplay. We will address the need for advance planning, as well as the uncertainty inherent in a project and discuss the role of the project manager as the spearhead for the success of the project.

The goals of the workshop:

  • to familiarize participants with the basic concepts of project management;
  • to learn the professional language of the field;
  • to understand the main challenges of project management;
  • to develop goal-oriented thinking;
  • to prepare participants to apply game insights to real life dilemmas;
  • to understand the nature of the role of the project manager;
  • to create a team-building experience for the project team.
  • to learn and practice through a unique experiential learning;

The game is suited for: analysis of learning needs in the field of project management, knowledge retention, acquisition and improvement of project management skills.

Target audience: professional project managers, those who manage projects occasionally in addition to their regular function, project team members, and anyone involved in a project in any way.

Workshop duration: 8 hours, in full or half days.

Workshop format: The workshop is based on playing the game, discussion and transmission of professional knowledge. During the workshop, we play the game twice. After each game, we hold a guided discussion about the insights gained from the game and their connection to real scenarios.

Optional: It is possible to begin with a review of the projects in the organization and formulate project playing sheets for the game that are based on the types of projects in the organization. In addition, it is possible to incorporate a process of scenario analysis based on examples from the organization.

Requirements for the workshop: a room with tables suited to gameplay for four to seven players each; a projector and a board for instructing the game and holding the concluding discussion; notepaper and pens for the participants.

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You can also conduct your own workshops – lean how.

face common dilemmas from a project manager’s world

learn all the key elements in project management

plan ahead

make decisions under uncertainty

compete and cooperate