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At PMzone we understand that your project management skills provide a much greater opportunity than managing an efficient project. They can transform every project around you. We invite you to leverage your skills and our tools and lead the PM revolution in your organization or professional environment.

The project management simulation board game self-training kit provides you with a readymade workshop that’s completely different from any you have attended or led before. Centered around a professional board game, the workshop provides a practical overview and concrete tools for both occasional and experienced project managers, in a dynamic and fun manner. After a quick online training program, you are ready to lead a group workshop that can be conducted as many times, for as many people as required.

What’s in the kit?

The PMZONE Simulation Board Game × 3

A unique game for learning the essentials of project management, while improving techniques and skills, and acquiring simple yet transformative tools.

$299.00 $149.50 / pc.

The PMzone Board Game - How-to-Play Online Course

Easy-to-follow instruction videos that explains the rules and logic of the game and how to conduct the workshop and post-game discussion.

Being a Project Manager Online Course

An all-encompassing 5.5-hour course delivered through short, fun videos that explains the basic principles of project management and provides practical tools and techniques necessary for managing any type of project.

$599.00 $299.50

Remote Consulting × 2

A two-hour remote consultation session to answer questions, share from our experience conducting the workshop, and help you get the ball rolling at your organization.

Workshop objectives

  • Improve and reinforce project management skills by simulating real life challenges
  • Train your teams to develop goal-oriented thinking and to achieve value within budget and resource constrains
  • Create a team-building experience
  • Provide participants with an understanding of the big picture and control of the fine details
  • Encourage creative thinking and cooperation

Workshop guidelines


Experienced and occasional project managers, project team members and anyone involved in a project in any way.

Number of players

4-7 players per board game, multiple games can be played simultaneously, including up to 21 players in a workshop.

Workshop duration and format

3-4 hours per sessions, sessions are guided and include a game round and post-game discussion, multiple sessions are highly recommended.


A room with a table per game board, sitting 4-7 players per table, a projector and a board for instructions and concluding discussion, notepads and pens for every player.


The workshop can either be conducted by a PMzone expert, or an experienced project manager or PMO that were self-trained using the kit.


Before the workshop, customized playing sheets can be created based on projects relevant to the organization.

‘Being a project manager’ online course overview

The beginning (overview of project management)

What is a Project?
The Golden Triangle and Triple Constrains
The Infamous Triangle and The Truth Behind It
The Primary Paradox of Project Management
What is a Successful Project?
Who is a Project Manager?
Overview Summary

The project's compass (initial planning)

Initial Planning Overview
Project Necessity and Feasibility
Project Goals and Objectives
Project Critical Success Factors
Project Stakeholders, Key Players and Affected Parties
Working Assumptions and Constraints
Project Life Cycle, Milestones and Deliverables
Developing a WBS and Rough Estimates
Creating a General Work Plan
Preliminary Risk Identification
Launching the Project
Initial Planning Summary

It's all in the details (detailed planning)

Detailed Planning Overview
Breaking Down Work into Tasks
Task Dependencies and Constraints
Resources, Roles and Responsibilities
Duration and Effort Estimation
Detailed Risk Planning
Detailed Planning Summary

You have reached your destination! (project controlling)

Why Is Controlling Sooooo Important?
Ongoing Controlling Procedures
Periodic Controlling Procedures
Special Controlling Procedures
Controlling Summary

Who said what to whom? (project communication)

Why Is Communication Sooooo Important?
Project Formal Communication
Project Informal Communication
Communication Summary

Course summary

Summary and Conclusions
The Project Compass Document

Online ‘how-to-play’ course overview

How to play

This easy-to-follow instruction video explains the rules and logic of the PMzone board game and how to conduct the game-based workshop.

Through an enjoyable, hands-on experience that challenges them with real-life scenarios, occasional and experienced project managers gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental concepts and main challenges of project management.

Post game discussion

This video explains how to conduct an effective post-game discussion that focuses on the main issues that emerge during the game.

By addressing these topics and understanding their connection to real-world challenges, project managers are able to better understand the discipline and gain practical tools to manage their real-life projects.

Advanced game play

The PMzone simulation board game can be adapted to the level of the participants and the number of times they’ve played the game.

This video explains how to escalate from basic to advanced, while allowing the players the time to understand the rules of this complex game before they proceed to a more advanced level.



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