The PMzone Board Game – How-to-Play

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Course overview

How to play

This easy-to-follow instruction video explains the rules and logic of the PMzone board game and how to conduct the game-based workshop.

Through an enjoyable, hands-on experience that challenges them with real-life scenarios, occasional and experienced project managers gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental concepts and main challenges of project management.

Post-game discussion

This video explains how to conduct an effective post-game discussion that focuses on the main issues that emerge during the game.

By addressing these topics and understanding their connection to real-world challenges, project managers are able to better understand the discipline and gain practical tools to manage their real-life projects.

Advanced game play

The PMzone simulation board game can be adapted to the level of the participants and the number of times they’ve played the game.

This video explains how to escalate from basic to advanced, while allowing the players the time to understand the rules of this complex game before they proceed to a more advanced level.

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