Playing Project Management – Train-the-Trainer Kit

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The PMzone Simulation Board Game Workshop is a game-based workshop aimed to develop a deeper understanding of the fundamental concepts of project management and its main challenges, in a unique, fun, innovative way.
The game participants – experienced or beginning project managers and project team members, will grapple with common dilemmas from a project manager’s world, through which they will develop new perspectives that will help them improve the way they deal with similar dilemmas in real life.
During the game, participants need to add value to their project, plan their way forward, perform both known and unknown tasks, deal with constraints, manage risks, operate within budget and resource constraints, understand the big picture, be in control of the details, think creatively, compete with other players but also cooperate with them, act under conditions of uncertainty, and remain on target.

At PMzone we understand that your project management skills provide a much greater opportunity than managing an efficient project. They can transform every project around you. We invite you to leverage your skills and our tools and lead the PM revolution in your organization or professional environment.

The project management simulation board game self-training kit provides you with a readymade workshop that’s completely different from any you have attended or led before. Centered around a professional board game, the workshop provides a practical overview and concrete tools for both occasional and experienced project managers, in a dynamic and fun manner. After a quick online training program, you are ready to lead a group workshop that can be conducted as many times, for as many people as required.


  • Improve and reinforce project management skills by simulating real life challenges
  • Train your teams to develop goal-oriented thinking and to achieve value within budget and resource constrains
  • Create a team-building experience
  • Provide participants with an understanding of the big picture and control of the fine details
  • Encourage creative thinking and cooperation




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